SA 330x SA+6+SUB Bundle Portable PA System 7 CH. 1260 Watts Peak Power! Return $SAVE!

Product Description
SA 330x SA+6+SUB - 1260 Watts of Peak Power! ... Add the SA Sub and SA Expand, and the SA+6+SUB is the perfect set-up for performing groups in small to medium venues. 6 fully mixable input channels and an Aux input for 7 channels of Pro Sound!


Bundle Includes:

  • SA 330x Powered PA System
  • SA Powered Sub Woofer
  • SA Expand Mixer w/Mount Kit & Mic Stand Adaptor
  • SA Sub Slip Cover
  • SA 330x Deluxe Carry Bag & Tripod

SA 330x Base Unit Description:

The Fishman SA330x is the go-to portable PA/amplifier for voice, playback and amplified acoustic instrument. Unlike many other similar-looking systems, the SA330x is built around a uniquely configured 2-way speaker system that delivers all the sweetness and definition of a great studio monitor. Ruggedly built and with plenty of power, the SA330x is the perfect solution for amazing sound in small and medium-sized venues. Tuned beautifully for voice and acoustic instruments, the new SA330x, alone or as part of an expanded system, allows anyone looking to fill a small to medium sized room, corporate display, club or similar sized venue with great, Fishman-quality sound. Whether you're using your SA330x for speech, performance or playback, a full complement of inputs and outputs makes set-up a breeze. The SA330x features a uniquely configured 2-way speaker system that delivers all the sweetness and definition of a great studio monitor. The "Modified Line Array" fills the room with sound that can be heard clean and clear in the back row, without "blowing away" your audience in the front.

Base Unit Features:

  • 330 Watts RMS - 660 Watts Peak Power. More than enough power for small and medium sized venues
  • Wide dispersion modified line array - Allows everyone in your audience to hear you clean and crisp, without "blowing away" the front row
  • Channel expandability via accessory port - Provides one-cable audio and power for the SA Expand
  • Full-range audio source handling
  • Subwoofer output - Dedicated output optimizes system voicing
  • Modern industrial design - Strong, lightweight, good looking and easy to set up. Appropriate for all kinds of situations
  • Padded carry bag included 

Base Unit Specs:

  • Power: 330 Watts RMS bi-amped
  • Drivers: Six 4" mid-woofers, patented dual gap, high excursion design, neodymium magnets. One 1" neodymium soft dome tweeter with Level control
  • SPL: 113dB SPL @ 1 meter
  • Driver Configuration: Modified Line Array; Ultra-wide horizontal dispersion and deeper sound penetration

SA 330x Sub Description:

The Fishman SA Sub provides enhanced bass response to your SA Performance Audio System. Simple to connect and voiced to complement the SA330x, the compact and lightweight SA Sub will provide enough low end to fill a 150-person room. For bassists, DJs, presenters and others looking to add enhanced low-end punch to their performances and other broadband program material, the SA Sub is the answer. A purpose-built subwoofer intended for small-to medium size performance applications, the SA Sub is the perfect solution when portability and Fishman-quality sound are essential. The SA Sub is designed as a companion to the SA330x unit and connects easily via a 1/4" / XLR connector. Additional features such as Phase Reversal switch, signal limiting, Level indicator, Ground Lift switch and more, ensure minimal feedback and quiet, clean performance.

Sub Unit Features:

  • Lightweight at only 27.3 lbs
  • Two combo 1/4" / XLR inputs
  • Two XLR full range pass-through outputs
  • Adjustable Low Pass filter
  • Switchable Low Frequency extension
  • Phase Invert switch
  • Signal/Limit LED
  • Output Ground Lift switch
  • Front power LED Disable switch 

Sub Unit Specs:

  • Power: 300 Watt RMS power amplifier with servo-control and dual-action limiter
  • Driver: 8" high-excursion, FEA-optimized motor structure
  • SPL: 109dB SPL @ 1 meter
  • Combined System SPL: 114dB SPL @ 1 meter
  • Dimensions: 14.4" H x 10.3" W x 19.8" D (346 mm) x (262 mm) x (503 mm)
  • Weight: 27.3 lbs (12.38 kg) 28.7 lbs with accessory feet (13 kg)

SA Expand features:

  • Four channels of Fishman preamplifiers, each with 3‐bands of EQ and phase control for pro-quality mixing versatility
  • Combo 1/4” / XLR inputs
  • 10dB Input Pad for high-output audio sources
  • An effects send on each channel to allow the SA Expand to utilize the effect section on the SA330x
  • Switchable 48V phantom power for condenser microphones
  • Aux input offers convenient input for set‐break music, backing tracks or other program material (standard 1/8 inch input)
  • Included 15-foot Cat5-style interconnect cable allows users to easily connect the SA Expand to their SA330x
  • Includes Stand Mount Kit to conveniently attach the SA Expand to the SA330x tripod, sub-mounted stand or a mic stand (Mic & Mic Stand not included)

$ 1,399.95 $ 1,599.99